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Brea Celebrates One Year at Johns Hopkins All Children's

Posted on Feb 18, 2022

Our furriest employee at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital is celebrating a special milestone this week. 

It has been a whole year since our hospital welcomed Brea — a now 3-year-old yellow Labrador retriever who serves as the first-ever facility dog at Johns Hopkins All Children's. Brea (pronounced Bray-UH) provides comfort, support and serves as a friendly distraction for children during procedures and throughout their hospitalization.

She was trained by Canine Companions and assists Child Life specialist, Leah Frohnerath, M.S., CCLS, throughout the hospital.

Facility dogs are trained to assist with goal-oriented interventions and address the physical and psychological needs of patients, families and staff. Over the past year, Brea has motivated and inspired hundreds of patients and staff. 

More than 15 donors made the hospital's facility dog program possible, including special donations from the Zimmerman Foundation and Kay Aidlin.

Learn more about Brea and how you can donate to the facility dog program.

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