Developmental Milestones

Consult this chart to see if your child is meeting typical Developmental Milestones. As your child gets older, check to see if they meet the milestones below. 

My Developmental Milestones 

At 3 months, I should be able to: 

  • Turn my head toward bright light
  • Look at your face 
  • Lift my head while on my stomach
  • Make cooing sounds
  • Smile

At 3-6 months, I should be able to:

  • Recognize the difference between happy and sad voices
  • Play with my hands and feet
  • Bring most objects to my mouth
  • Reach for objects with both hands
  • Roll over
  • Turn to find your voice
At 6-9 months, I should be able to:
  • Begin crawling 
  • Smile at myself in a mirror
  • Explore objects closely with hands & eyes
  • Play peek-a-boo and patty cake
  • Begin to sit without assistance
  • Babble

At 9-12 months, I should be able to: 

  • Pull to stand
  • Take a few steps while holding on
  • Copy your sounds
  • Drop and throw objects
  • Use 1-3 words
  • Hold my bottle

At 12-15 months, I should be able to:

  • Walk without support
  • Stack 2-3 blocks
  • Feed myself some finger foods
  • Say 4-5 words
  • Make my voice go up and down to sound like a conversation
  • Listen to a story

At 15-18 months, I should be able to: 

  • Walk and maybe run a little
  • Climb up or down one stair
  • Enjoy pull toys
  • Mark a crayon on paper
  • Partially feed myself
  • Say 7-20 words
  • Throw a ball
  • Drink from a cup and eat with a spoon

At 18-24 months, I should be able to:

  • Kick a large ball
  • Turn pages, 2 or 3 at a time
  • Imitate housework
  • Recognize familiar pictures and know if they are upside down
  • Ask for items by name
  • Use two words together
  • Make circular strokes with a pencil

At 24-36 months, I should be able to:

  • Stand on one foot for a moment 
  • Walk up stairs
  • Ride a tricycle
  • Feed myself
  • Open a door
  • Jump in place
  • Tell you when I need to use the toilet
  • Partially dress and undress
  • Share toys
  • Use 3 word sentences
  • Name at least one color
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