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Getting Ready for the Season

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Before and during the season, your athlete will be thinking about how he or she can perform the best. Hydration, monitoring heart rate and, for some athletes, working with an athletic trainer are all key aspects of training. Our team of athletic trainers provides education on injury prevention and treats athletic injuries at community and school athletic events.

Getting ready for the season
Highlight on the Athletic Trainers
Certified athletic trainers are an integral part of the sports medicine team. They specialize in the prevention, assessment, care and rehabilitation of injuries that occur from physical activity and can provide education to athletes, parents and coaches.
Dehydration can cause a decrease in performance and concentration and may lead to injury or, in severe cases, heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Athletes should stay hydrated with water throughout the day.
Many things can cause a heart to beat fast, including exercise, stress, anxiety, medications or other health issues. If palpitations are recurrent, a visit with a cardiologist may help determine the cause.


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