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We provide expert, comprehensive cardiac care to children and young adults with congenital heart conditions, serving families throughout the greater Tampa Bay area and beyond.

When your child is diagnosed with a heart condition, we know this brings uncertainty and questions. Your family needs an experienced team to support you through your child’s treatment and long-term care and development.

The team in the Heart Institute at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida, provides the expert, compassionate care and support your family needs.

We care for children of all ages with the full range of congenital heart defects and other heart conditions. Our specialists throughout the Heart Institute work together to provide care that meets each patient’s unique needs while keeping the safety of our patients at the forefront.

Whatever your child’s condition, you’ll find a team of experts dedicated solely to caring for children with heart conditions. Our team has the experience and expertise to not only treat your child now, but the understanding of how heart conditions in children can impact them throughout their lives, providing care for your child into adulthood to help them thrive and reach their full potential.

Programs and Services

Pediatric Cardiology

Children with heart conditions, common or complex, receive comprehensive care into adulthood from our cardiologists.

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Pediatric Heart Surgery

For children who need surgery, our board-certified heart surgeons have deep experience in performing heart surgery to repair heart defects in children of all ages.

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Fetal Heart Program

We perform fetal echocardiograms to diagnose your unborn baby’s heart disease and manage heart conditions before, during and after delivery.

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Pediatric Heart Transplant

Children with congenital heart defects or acquired heart disease who need a heart transplant receive comprehensive care from our specialized team.

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Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU)

The team in our dedicated CVICU cares for patients after heart surgery and others with heart conditions who need inpatient care.

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Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia

Board-certified pediatric anesthesiologists with specialized cardiac training and experience provide anesthesia and sedation for heart surgery patients and those with heart conditions who are having non-cardiac surgery or studies at the hospital.

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Heart Institute Nursing

Our specialty-trained cardiac nursing team provides patient-centered, evidence-based care for our patients with cardiac and congenital heart disease. The Magnet®-designated nursing team at Johns Hopkins All Children’s is committed to compassionate and safe care, collaborative practice and a culture of curiosity and innovation. Magnet®-designated refers to the highest recognition a hospital can receive for nursing excellence and high-quality patient care, from the American Nurses Credentialing Center.


Patients can often receive the care they need closer to home at one of our Outpatient Care locations:

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Meet the specialists leading the Heart Institute, and all the experts who care for our patients.

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Big Hope for Tiny Baby with PDA

After baby D’Shay was born nearly four months early, doctors discovered he had a congenital heart defect. He weighed just under 1.6 pounds when interventional cardiologist James Thompson, M.D., performed a specialized procedure that repaired D’Shay’s heart defect and set him on the road to continue progressing and growing.

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A Part of the Heart Institute Family: Noavah’s Story

Noavah has a smile and laugh that can turn any frown upside down, but she wasn’t always the happy baby she is now. A few days after she was born, Noavah was diagnosed with two congenital heart defects that affected her breathing and heart function. The team in the Heart Institute at Johns Hopkins All Children’s was there to help.

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From the Hospital Halls to the Varsity Soccer Field

A little more than a year after needing a heart transplant, 15-year-old Wilfre is back on the soccer field.

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She Turned Out to be a Model Heart Patient

Eleven-year-old Michelle’s pulmonary valve needed to be replaced. In addition to CT scans and MRI, her cardiothoracic surgeon Awais Ashfaq, MBBS, used a 3D model of her heart to prepare for the surgery. Learn more about the many different team members who work together to create the models that aid physicians in treating children like Michelle.

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Her Big Heart Takes Care of the Little Hearts: Meet Nurse Amy Melliza

Amy Melliza, R.N., who cares for patients in the cardiovascular intensive care unit, has worked at Johns Hopkins All Children’s for nearly two decades. She talks about how she helps patients and families and what inspired her to go into nursing.

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