Johns Hopkins All Children's Heart Institute

Patient Safety & Quality

Information about a heart surgery program's outcomes (results) can help parents make choices about their child's cardiac care.

When your child is diagnosed with a heart condition, you deserve the best information available. The Johns Hopkins All Children’s Heart Institute team is committed to sharing our experience, outcomes and safety measures to help you decide what’s right for your child.

Our surgeons have experience repairing a wide range of heart conditions and develop an individualized plan for each child’s procedure. We use meticulous data analysis and monitoring to innovate care and set a new standard for caring for patients and families at our hospital. Outcomes are reported to the Heart Institute, to our Patient Safety and Quality team and regularly reported to the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Board of Trustees.

Our safety protocols were updated after a comprehensive internal and external review of our Heart Institute in 2019. In addition to incorporating the recommendations at Johns Hopkins All Children’s, many have been adopted throughout the Johns Hopkins Health System.

Additionally, Johns Hopkins All Children’s appointed cardiologist Ashish Shah, M.D., M.B.A., as Heart Institute Patient Safety & Quality director. Dr. Shah studied key principles in quality improvement and value-based care while obtaining his M.B.A. in health care management nearly 20 years ago. He brings that experience and leadership, motivating teams within the Heart Institute to ensure safety, quality and value for patients who receive our services.

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