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Sibling Volunteers Bring Joy to Patients, Families Through Music

Posted on Jun 11, 2019

Madison and Maximus Xiong are brother and sister music volunteers at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital and it’s no surprise–they come from a musically talented family.

“I’ve been in music my whole entire life,” Madison says. “My mom plays guitar, my dad plays the drum, and then my brother Max plays guitar and I’m on the piano.”

Madison is just starting college, while her brother is in high school. They are both passionate about their gifts in playing the piano and guitar, and they love volunteering their time at the hospital. Once a week they play songs in the lobby and can see the difference a little bit of music can make for patients and families.

“It makes me very happy because everyone goes through different things,” Maximus says. “Personally, when I listen to music, it calms my mind and I can just like think about whatever I want.”

Sometimes passers-by record the siblings in action on their cell phones, and others make emotional comments that they’re playing their favorite song, which takes them back in time.

“It’s nice to be in a hospital setting and play music and get to know the people around here,” Maximus says. “Especially because I want to be in the medical field, too, so it’s really cool.”

You can learn more about the benefits of music by visiting the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital music therapy page, or visit the Johns Hopkins All Children’s volunteer page to see the volunteer opportunities at the hospital.

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