Technology-Assisted Breathing

Technology-assisted breathing is treated in our Ventilator Clinic. Our team provides long-term treatment and care for infants and children who require any type of technology to assist with breathing. Our pulmonologists, respiratory therapists, nutritionists, pulmonary nurses, speech therapists, social workers and case managers work with patients and their families to provide educational support and training services. While patients are cared for in our clinic, our team also is available to assist patients and caregivers over the phone.

Conditions treated in clinic include: 

  • Central ventilation dysregulation 
  • Chronic lung disease in the post neonatal population and other subsets 
  • Neuromuscular disorders
Breathing machines used in clinic include: 
  • CPAP/ BiPAP use 
  • Home ventilation via portable ventilator/tracheostomy
  • Noninvasive nasal ventilation